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Frequently Asked Questions

Client Side

Clients get disconnected shortly after connecting for HunkAllocation errors. How do I fix this?

This is from running maps that use too much memory.
For admins:
Either ditch the map or convince all your players to increase their com_hunkMegs at least to 76 MB. To figure out how much memory is finally used :enter '/meminfo' or '/com_hunkmegs' into console. Work on improving this issue is currently taking place.
For clients:
Fix it:
Assumed you did install ET in C:\Program Files\Enemy Territory:
Open the files
C:\Program Files\Enemy Territory\etmain\profiles\<your_profile_name>\etconfig.cfg
C:\Program Files\Enemy Territory\nq\profiles\<your_profile_name>\etconfig.cfg
with a text editor like notepad (not wordpad!) and search in both files for the line seta com_hunkmegs.
Set the value behind com_hunkmegs (default is 56) to 76 and save the files.
Start ET and check if the change is succesfully done by typing '/com_hunkmegs' into the console.
It should show up a value of 76 now.

What is that initializing screen at start all about ? (since 1.2.7)

This info at start is printed if the new CS method is used which sends only updates instead of full infos all the time. Unfortunately the client needs some more time to init at start and before this is completely done the client won't display things and and plays sounds correctly. That's why we did the init screen.

It's up to the admins which method is used. Unless the server has no issues with MAX_GAMESTATE or performance issues admins may use the old CS method.

Server Side

How do I install No Quarter?

Please read and follow the installation instructions here: No Quarter Mod

Why do my users get an error message about the "Wrong Server Version ?"

No Quarter was designed to run on 2.60b. If you aren't running that, it will let you know (about once a minute) through that message. This message cannot be disabled.

I get a BG_IndexForString: unknown token 'Ka-Bar' error when trying to connect to my server.

What is this? :It is one of 2 things:

  • You have the mod installed incorrectly, (client binaries without server binaries, or vice-versa).
  • You are trying to run an unpure server. No Quarter will not run on an unpure server.

How do I run No Quarter on my unpure server?

Simple. Set sv_pure 1 to make the server pure, so No Quarter will work. No Quarter will not run on an unpure server.

How do I enable party panzers?

Uninstall No Quarter and install ETPub.

Is it true that No Quarter is based on ETPub?

It was started on ETPub, then updated to some of its new features that we liked and torn apart from the inside out. It has features of ETPub we like, some features are modified, and some features have been removed, namely ATB and kill/player ratings. Overall, I say NQ is about 30% ETPub.

How to disable a skill I don't like?

See [1]

I have a custom soundpack. How do I make it work?

Put the sounds/scripts into a pk3, and put that pk3 into your noquarter directory. Make sure the name starts with a z. z_customsoundpack.pk3 is a good example.

I'm running Omni-Bot in No Quarter, but my bots' XP doesn't save?

XP Save works by GUID and a bot's GUID is generated by its name. Do not use unsupported filesystem characters in bot names.
You may take a look if omnibot_flags (it's a cvar!) contains flag 1.

How to avoid config string issues

--- under construction ---
Some bigger server have issues with the configstring. This is a short explaination why it happens and how to avoid. For client-server communication q3 based engines and also ET use a big character string (CS) to exchange data. In general the CS has a limit of about 16000 bytes in total. If that limit is reached you'll get the MAX_GAMESTATE error.
There are different areas in the string responsible for different tasks. NQ 1.2.7 will offer you some extended commands just analyse your server yourself.
  • /rcon <pswd> csinfo
  • /rcon <pswd> csinfo <gamestring part>

To get the content see rcon cmds (only available up to version 1.2.7 !!!).


/rcon <pswd> csinfo 0

CS Length Type

0 869 CS_SERVERINFO \omnibot_playing\9\g_fixedphysicsfps\125\g_fixedphysics\0\g_bluelimbotime\20000\g_redlimbotime\15000\g_maxGameClients\0\g_maxlivesRespawnPenalty\0\P\-221212121-1\voteFlags\63979\g_balancedteams\1\mod_url\shitstorm.org\mod_version\1.2.6\gamename\noquarter\g_tyranny\1\omnibot_enable\1\g_skills\31\jp_insanity\652\g_heavyWeaponRestriction\100\.Website\www.my-clan.com\URL\www.my-clan.com\.Administrator\THEBOSS\.name\ThisIsMYDescription\g_gametype\2\g_antilag\1\g_voteFlags\0\g_alliedmaxlives\0\g_axismaxlives\0\g_minGameClients\2\g_needpass\1\g_maxlives\0\g_friendlyFire\57\sv_allowAnonymous\0\sv_floodProtect\1\sv_maxPing\0\sv_minPing\0\sv_maxRate\25000\sv_minguidage\0\sv_maxclients\24\sv_hostname\IHAVETHELONGESTSERVERNAMEWITHCOLORS\sv_privateClients\2\mapname\warbell\protocol\84\timelimit\18\version\ET 2.60b linux-i386 May 8 2006\sv_punkbuster\1

Total CONFIGSTRING Length: 5915

  • Dont add entries like seta .Administrator "xyz1212", .name, .CLAN or .Website to the server.cfg file. (.URL is standard to do it)
  • Choose a short hostname


/rcon <pswd> csinfo 1

CS Length Type

1 1537 CS_SYSTEMINFO \pmove_msec\8\pmove_fixed\0\sv_fps\20\sv_referencedPakNames\noquarter/z_MYSOUNDPACK noquarter/nq_bin_v1.2.6_02 noquarter/noquarter_v1.2.6_02 etmain/Warbell etmain/pak2 etmain/pak0 \sv_referencedPaks\-1966241554 960540172 -595219689 1591789885 608521179 -1721695896 \sv_pakNames\noquarter/z_MYSOUNDPACK noquarter/nq_bin_v1.2.6_02 noquarter/noquarter_v1.2.6_02 etmain/z_hdet etmain/Warbell etmain/venice etmain/UJE_01_beta2 etmain/trmfght_beta2 etmain/te_valhalla etmain/supplydepot2 etmain/subway etmain/snl2 etmain/snatch3 etmain/rockeyes_b2 etmain/residentevil etmain/praetoria_m2 etmain/praetoria_m1 etmain/parisbastille_b3 etmain/panterbase_et etmain/pak2 etmain/pak1 etmain/pak0 etmain/mp_bin etmain/mlb_hotchkiss etmain/mlb_daybreak etmain/mcassino etmain/italyfp2 etmain/industry2_final etmain/goldrush-ga etmain/falcon3_fixed etmain/et_ice etmain/escape2 etmain/decoder_beta4 etmain/ctf_pool_v2 etmain/castleattack_b5 etmain/baserace etmain/al_kad_b3a etmain/airassault_fp1 etmain/110_factory_200\sv_paks\-1966241554 960540172 -595219689 -1949351936 1591789885 1855666481 -1599662088 -558016499 -2033274206 -688383975 -1385540764 355150463 -2129806462 -1980099029 1906615728 477054878 278194960 -817454015 1733568640 608521179 1581790464 -1721695896 2004278281 689825258 -2019982389 -527062974 268482606 -1320827523 -622007947 562670868 239043090 1773876164 342307290 -445857242 -913762054 -1001954830 -1439584886 31380640 1424882289 \sv_pure\1\sv_serverid\95356\timescale\1\fs_game\noquarter\sv_cheats\0

Total CONFIGSTRING Length: 4564

  • As you can see each pk3 name is put into the string - don't add too many pk3s to your pathes!


/rcon <pswd> csinfo 30
  • All forced cvars go into this part of CS. Forcing not too much avoids the GAMESTATE crash

CS_PLAYERS 690 - 754

Each single player on server adds up to 162 bytes to the string. It depends also on how many colores are used in the player name.
  • In times we were all white name players of course less strings were used ;)
  • If you run bots don't use more than 2 colors in the name and choose short names only


  • All lines of your server desription, see server_motd vars in server.cfg go into the CS as well.
  • Try to avoid too many colors in the text. Each color adds 2 chars to the CS. Same to server name (see CS_SERVERINFO) and every

CS Summary

As you can see there are many locations where you can save space in the string. Try to avoid colors in general - each used color adds 2 chars '^2'. Some other mods like the 'good old' ET adminmod use space in the string as well. Check this!

How to avoid server-crashes in general?

Known reasons for server-crashes:
  • Do not use too many pk3s. More than count of 20 is experimental and might cause memory allocation errors or the MAX_GAMESTATE error.
  • Keep your *.cfg-files clean. Remove comments and useless cvars. If value of cvar is default you don't need to set it explicitly.
  • Make sure you are using correct syntax in weapon-scripting.
  • If running bots have a look at omnibot.log. Some map-bot-scripts (very old and very new ones) also might crash your server irregularly. Errors in omnibot.log and NQ-crash-log memory-errors are signals for this error.

System requirements

  • To run a dedicated server, we suggest you have at least about 50 MHz dedicated to the No Quarter process per player slot. An average value of 60% cpu usage in general should catch the spikes.
  • 256 MB RAM - This assumes no other applications are running in the background. If other server applications are running, you should expect to need more system RAM. Watch your com_hunkmegs cvar value and try to avoid swapping on server.
  • Excellent connection to the net. We strongly recommend T1 connection speed. Servers on cable or DSL connections should limit their games to only to 2-4 players (depending on upstream and setting of 'sv_maxRate' ).


Why NQ does only support ET 2.60b?

Reasons to use ET 2.60b in combination with NQ

  • Security fixes
  • Many, many bug fixes
  • New features, e.g.
    • Server can give alternate messages to "server is full" (cvar sv_fullmsg)
    • Server can redirect clients to other servers when full (cvar sv_fullmsg "ET://host.to.redirect.to:port")
    • Wounded freelook is enabled (a la RTCW)
    • Client can disable built-in mouse acceleration (in_dgamouse 2)
    • MODS menu added
    • Better http download support
  • Improvements on CPU usage (client and server side)
  • General improvements in game play
  • Fixed map scripting bugs
  • The latest and greatest

Reasons to use ET 2.55 in combination with NQ

  • None

These hitboxes are too small, NQ sucks

Is that a question? No. Well, anyway, hitboxes are smaller than ETmain.