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Note: Skills that have a "-Coming Soon-" are not yet completed. It will say you gained the level, but there is currently no reward for it.

Light Weapons

Level 5: Faster Weapon Switching

Switching between weapons is 33% faster.

Level 6: Additional Light Weapons Ammo

Gain an extra clip for light weapons.

Level 7: Poison Needles

You get needles full of poison which you can use to disorient an enemy and obscure their vision. It will also drain their health at a rate of 20hp/second. Once poisoned, the only way to be cured is to have a medic poke you with their revive needle. Dying does not cure you of poison either, you will still be poisoned while wounded, until the poison drains your corpse health and gibs you. If revived by a medic's needle, the poison will be cured and you will be revived. If revived by CPR, the poison will remain and you will be revived.

Level 8: Throwing Knives

Players can now throw their knives. Bind +attack2 to your normal alternate fire key. Hold your alt fire key to charge up throw power. Weapon icon will grow in size until max power is achieved. Release alt fire to throw the knife.

Level 9: Pistol Execution

Execute players like a professional assassin. When closely behind an enemy, shoot your pistol at his head to cause instant death. Death from an execution puts a player in limbo and is unrevivable. You will see a pistol hint icon when you are close enough behind to execute someone, much like a backstab.

Battle Sense

Level 5: Steel Toe Boots

Your new boots with steel tounge inside cause twice more damage if you kick others with the the food.

Level 6: Improved Lung Capacity

All your hard training has increased your physical fitness even more, allowing you to hold your breath 25% longer underwater.

Level 7: Dynamite Prediction

Much like aiming at a tank or another player shows their name and health, you can now look at a dynamite to see how much time is left before it explodes. A newly planted dynamite has a full health bar while with an empty health bar, its timer is up and will explode.

Level 8: Danger Awareness

Having mastered Battle Sense, your senses are so fine tuned, you gain a sixth sense about danger. When a grenade is tossed nearby, you will see a visual indicator in your HUD. The location of the icon in your HUD also shows what direction the grenade is. The icon will appear around your crosshair, in a fashion similar to your compass. If the grenade is behind you, the icon will be below your crosshair. If it is to the right, the icon will be to the right of your crosshair.

Level 9: Battlefield Briefing

You will be warned if you reach an area where was called arty support. When an arty is called nearby, you will see a visual indicator in your HUD.

Heavy Weapons

Level 5: Improved Machine Gun Usage

Soldiers using Mobile MGs can now reload them mid-belt/clip.

Level 6: Additional Heavy Weapon Ammo

Soldiers gain an extra clip for all Heavy Weapons.

Level 7: Improved Flamethrower

Your strength and skills allow you to run at full speed even when shooting with Flamethrower. Additionaly it reduces healing recieved by it's victims to 50%, be careful and don't hit your teammates, as this apply to them as well.

Level 8: Advanced Weapons Training

Soldiers (and only Soldiers) can pick up and use any weapon that is on the field. This does NOT carry over to other classes. Use Insanity mode Unlocked Weapons if you want any class to be able to pick up any weapon.

Level 9: Helmet Armor

Soldiers' helmets get an upgrade! 40% reduction in damage from the first headshot. After that, the piece of armor on the helmet will fall off, leaving your normal helmet. Picking up an ammo pack will restore lost armor.

First Aid

Level 5: Improved Health Care

Aura Skill: Health packs near a medic with this skill, heal teammates 30hp rather than 20hp

Level 6: Full Payload

Medics gain 4 extra needles and 2 extra grenades.

Level 7: Health Pack Delivery

Medics can toss medpacks onto or close to depleted Health Racks to resupply them.

Level 8: Improved Poison Needles

Victims are forced to drop their weapons if poisoned. Note: You need light weapons skil level 7 to activate the poison syringes in general.

Level 9: Battlefield Resuscitation

This is a complex skill that carries over when you are not a medic and primarily not used when you are a medic. Having mastered First Aid, you can now perform Battlefield Resuscitation on wounded teammates, which is similar to CPR. You use this skill by approaching a wounded teammate and holding the Activate/Use key (F key default) for about 7-8 seconds. Your teammate will come back to life. Note: If you do not complete the revive in one sitting, you will need to start over and do a full 7-8 seconds again, as the "progress" of the revive will rapidly decay if you stop. You will also be able to see wounded teammates easier as they will have a caduceus icon over them when they are wounded, similar to how the medic sees the needle icon over the wounded, but the caduceus icon does not appear on your radar.


Level 5: Advanced Weapon Cooling

Aura Skill: An engineer with this skill helps to keep your teammate's weapons cool. MGs will last longer before they overheat and will cool faster, as well as Sten/MP34.

Level 6: Advanced Arming and Defusing

Arming and defusing of dynamite and landmines is faster.

Level 7: Advanced Construction and Demolitions

Constructing, tossing landmines, and tossing dynamite, uses less charge bar.

Level 8: Faster Rifle Grenades

Reduces the charge bar usage of rifle grenades.

Level 9: Engineering Level 9

-Coming Soon-


Level 5: Inspire Morale

Aura Skill: Nearby teammates will lose stamina at half the normal rate and recharge stamina at triple the normal rate

Level 6: Ammo Sensory (Working Name)

Much like aiming at a tank or another player shows their name and health, Field Ops can see current ammo supply of teammates.

Level 7: Ammo Pack Delivery

Field Ops can toss ammo packs onto or close to depleted Ammo Racks to resupply them.

Level 8: Advanced Resources

Ammopacks are once again upgraded, this time to the Huge Ammo Pack, which is silver in color. It contains 3x the amount ammo as a normal ammo pack.

Level 9: Signals Level 9

-Coming Soon-

Covert Operations

Level 5: Improved Disguises

Covert Ops no longer automatically lose their disguise when firing a weapon within an enemy's view. Instead, their charge bar is drained somewhat. If they do not have enough charge, they will lose their disguise instead. This skill improves with each Covert Ops level gained after this one, using less charge for this skill as you progress.

Level 6: Stealthy Movement

Covert Ops can now move at normal speed without making a sound so long as they remain unobserved. They can also exit water silently while holding the crouch or walk buttons. Doors will still open normally.

Level 7: Recognition Disruption

Nullifies level 4 Field Ops skill, so you won't display as "Disguised Enemy!"

Level 8: Enemy Communications

While in disguise, you can call for ammo or a medic and have your vsay appear in the other team's chat, appearing to be said by the player whose disguise you stole, along with an ammo or medic icon over your head.

Level 9: Impersonation

Disguised name doesn't disappear at close range. Coupled with Enemy Communications, you can easily get an enemy to give you medpacks or ammo, then blast them in the face as thanks for it.